5+ Prime SK8 The Infinity Characters
5+ Prime SK8 The Infinity Characters

5+ Prime SK8 The Infinity Characters

Infinity is an original anime series by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by the Bones studio. From January 9, 2021, through April 3, 2021, the show was on the air. During the Ai, no Masquerade event on July 4, 2021, new anime and a two-part stage play production were unveiled.

In this article you are going to read about its characters:

Langa Hasegawa

Langa Hasegawa, a half-Japanese exchange student from Okinawa who has just returned from Canada, is a half-Japanese exchange student. His friendship with Reki Kyan develops quickly after they meet while competing in “S,” an underground skateboard race. In contrast to Reki, Langa isn’t familiar with skating, but his expertise in snowboarding has given him an advantage. The SK8 is the Infinity anime’s main deuteragonist in Langa.

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Langa tends to speak with a neutral or even stoic expression, and he uses as few words as possible when he does so. To the amusement of his classmates, Langa reveals that he’s from Canada at his first meeting with the class’s teacher, despite the fact that he only has one name.

When it comes to snowboarding or learning to skateboard, he’s extremely determined and frequently puts his life at risk. He’s calm and laid back about most things. For the sake of having fun with Reki, I put my own safety first. He’s a bit of a snob and prone to getting sidetracked. When he’s in his element, he exudes confidence and becomes a lightning-fast learner.

A good example of this is the ease with which he learns how to skateboard after having spent fifteen years snowboarding. For example, he was able to learn how to turn on a skateboard in just a few minutes because of the different trucks and wheels on skateboards than on snowboards.

Reki Kyan

In his second year of high school, Reki Kyan is an avid skateboarder. Skater “S” is a regular stop for him and his companion Langa Hasegawa, both of whom got caught up in the event. Sk8 the Infinity’s protagonist Reki is a motorcycle racer.

SK8 The Infinity Characters
SK8 The Infinity Characters


Reki is a carefree teen. Even while skateboarding is his passion, he’s also shown an interest in sketching and even creating his own skateboards from scratch, so it’s easy to assume he’s only interested in that.

He can easily get along with anyone thanks to his lively demeanor, but he really enjoys spending time with individuals who share his passion for skateboarding. When he’s given a task he’s passionate about, he works hard and sets high objectives for himself, even though he’s on the lazier end of the spectrum when it comes to schoolwork and career planning.

Kojiro Nanjo

In the SK8 Infinity series, Kojiro Nanjo, better known as Joe, is a character. An accomplished skater, he utilizes his distinctive physique and size to skate aggressively and quickly.


This portrayal portrays him as a playboy who enjoys seducing and having fun with numerous women. Episode 1 begins with him kissing two girls at once, and later on, he’s seen flirting with a seemingly infinite number of women.

Cherry Blossom and Cherry Blossom are excellent buddies, despite Cherry Blossom’s appearance of hatred towards him. To show how much he cared for him, after Adam’s attack, Kaoru sneaks him out of the hospital. He also carries him to safety when Kaoru passed out. Kaoru and Kojiro use each other’s first names frequently, as well as being childhood friends. To Kaoru and to Kaoru, Kojiro is a fierce ally.

Kaoru Sakurayashiki

Cherry Blossom is the Japanese name of Kaoru Sakurayashiki, a character from the SK8 the Infinity anime series. An accomplished skater and one of the group’s founders, he skates with logic and precision on his AI board.


It’s not just within the city of “S” that people know Kaoru as a well-known and successful AI calligrapher. Kojiro Nanjo, a childhood buddy and fellow “S” member, is one of the few people he’s shown to treat with polite regard, but he’s also shown to be prickly with those closest to him. With Kojiro, Kaoru tends to lose her composure, probably because of their differing personalities, and the two often wind up fighting and calling each other names whenever they disagree.

Also, Kaoru is extremely competitive when skating, often trying to out-race Kojiro and even having Carla record his pre-tournament times so that Adam could see how Kaoru’s time compared.

Miya Chinen

One of Japan’s top middle school students, Miya Chinen, appears in the SK8 the Infinity anime series.


Miya used to be a carefree youngster, but he has now matured into a conceited individual. Although this may be a new alter-ego created after the events depicted in the flashback following his spat with Langa.

He’d been skating with his friends since he was a kid and had a lot of fun doing it. Miya had a great time skateboarding with friends during this period. It only took him two weeks to learn the ollie, one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding. The more Miya improved and won prizes, the more hatred he stoked among his friends about his inherent ability to skateboard. He came to believe that he was the hero and everyone else was a slime around him at this time since one of his buddies, Takashi, said that heroes couldn’t link up with slimes.

Ainosuke Shindo

SK8 the Infinity’s Ainosuke Shindo, also called Adam, is a fictional character from the series. As a competent “S” skateboarder, he serves as the show’s main enemy and a politician.

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Adam skates confidently and ruthlessly, and he has no qualms about inflicting pain on his opponents either through indirect or direct assault. He creates an over-dramatized persona for the “S” audience by acting in a theatrical manner. In keeping with his theme and persona, he sees skating as a “ritual of love.”

He has a tendency to make big debuts for himself, such as parachuting out of a helicopter or skating down a red carpet. In order to intimidate and demoralize his opponents, Adam’s racing strategy entails getting physically close to them, locking their boards together, and exhibiting mastery of tough skills like the Casper Slide. Even if it means killing one of his opponents, he has no problem inflicting violence on those he considers to be his personal enemies.

Other Members

  • Tadashi Kikuchi
  • Kazu
  • Harry

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