Pieck: Appearance, Abilities, Relationships, and More

Marley’s Warrior Pieck Finger was an Eldian with the strength of the Cart Titan who served as one of Marley’s Warriors.

Pieck Appearance

Human form

It’s hard to miss Pieck’s tiny stature, her long, tousled black hair, and her relaxed expression. She wears a white shirt, a long trench coat, and a skirt that falls down to her ankles as well as black lace-up boots. Like other Eldians under Marley’s command, she also sports an armband with the Eldian insignia on it on her left forearm.

Because she’d spent two months in her Cart Titan body without interruption, as she claims is normal for her, Pieck has started walking with a crutch since the end of the Marley Mid-East War. It is possible to see her walking on all fours when there are fewer people around, but she believes that it “feels more natural”.

Titan form

Pieck can reach a height of 4 meters when she is on all fours and is able to walk quadrupedally. Her long, flat torso makes it simple to load supplies onto her back. Her face is extended, exhibiting wide lips and a large nose with a very small forehead and a gigantic mouth. It has short, dark hair and has no distinguishable female traits, and its lengthy face enables unique armor, jaws, and war machines to be built and strapped to it; this is common wear for the Cart Titan while it is in battle.

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Pieck’s Personality

When it comes to her fellow warriors and the warrior cadets, Pieck is consistently shown to be nice and gentle. She is incredibly clever and able to rapidly deduce a situation. It was Zeke Yeager who pointed out that Pieck had been able to figure out what was going on while the warriors were considering the possibility of enlisting the help of the Tybur family in their operations.

However, Pieck is frequently presented to be extremely eccentric and easygoing. It was because Pieck offered Colt Grice a drink on the train ride to Liberio when he begged for one that he became intoxicated and led the other Eldian troops in a chant for Gabi’s sake. As a result of continuously being in her Titan form, Pieck has displayed the propensity of going on all fours when few people are present, although she is still capable of walking upright.

Like the other warriors, Pieck is shown to very much support Marley. While not overtly stated, it is hinted that like other Eldians living in Marley she detests those living on Paradis because of the fake history she was reared with and the indoctrination she endured as a cadet. The battle with the Survey Corps saw her mainly staying by Zeke’s side, but once Zeke was rescued from Beast Titan form, she took on the role of his steadfast ally and was even willing to kill Hange Zo and Levi Ackerman if they tried to kill Zeke and Reiner.

During the battle at Fort Slava, Pieck acted similar to a tanker, bombing the bunkers of the Allied forces while men firing machine gun turrets shot at the soldiers. The fact that she mocked the idea of sending four children on a mission to collect the Founding Titan suggests that she may not have much faith in her bosses’ ideas despite their enthusiastic support. However, her whole opinion has to be shown.

The future of the Eldians as a whole worries her as well, as she knows that the world doesn’t want them around any longer and worries that they will be rendered obsolete by technological advancement.


Pieck’s Story

Return to Shiganshina arc

After Zeke and his army appear, Pieck is seen strolling among them, functioning as a mule by carrying crates and barrels tied to her back. This leads Erwin Smith to believe that Reiner Braun was alerted to the Survey Corps’ impending arrival by Pieck, who functioned as a scout.

Erwin was correct in his hypothesis. Pieck had been observing the Survey Corps’ approach toward Shiganshina District. As Zeke was chatting with Reiner and Bertolt Hoover, the Titan spoke, informing them of the Survey Corps’ imminent arrival. Zeke is aided by Pieck’s provision of crushed and thrown rocks after the battle with the Survey Corps begins.

Levi Ackerman prepares to feed Zeke to any Survey Corps soldier who survives after Zeke slaughters the majority of the Survey Corps during their final charge, before ripping apart Zeke’s Titan and removing him from the nape. Pieck surprised Levi when she comes at him and Zeke from behind and steals Zeke in her mouth, barely leaving Levi’s room to escape. The war leader orders the remaining Titans to assassinate Levi when Pieck departs with Zeke.

The two are then pursued by a determined Levi as he begins to take down the Titans and pledges to keep his promise to Erwin.

Marley arc

When the war between Marley and the Mid-East Allied Forces reaches its climax four years later at the battle of Fort Slava, Pieck is there. Despite Colt’s advice to do battle with the fort’s fortifications, Commander Magath refused because of the fort’s anti-Titan cannon, which can take out any Titan with a single shot of a 100mm round. Once the artillery is destroyed, Pieck approaches the battlefield with her Cart Titan completely armored and equipped with four manned machine guns and begins to assault the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces with Galliard’s Jaw Titan.

Pieck rejoins Galliard and Reiner after the battle, having recovered from his combat injuries. As a result of spending two continuous months in her Titan form, Pieck has been forced to walk with a crutch. While Reiner goes, Pieck stays behind to relax Galliard. Reiner is dispatched to locate the warrior cadets by her. She later travels back to Marley with the rest of the troops, sitting with the other Warriors, on the train that would take them home. When the train reaches the station, Pieck gets off the train and marches with the rest of the warriors toward Liberio. When entering, she is enthusiastically greeted by a middle-aged male.

On her way to the Warrior HQ, Galliard notices Pieck walking like her Titan because she thinks it looks more natural. Galliard, furious, urges her to walk on two feet like a regular human. Zeke’s argument that the Tybur family is vital to assist the warriors reclaiming the Founding Titan is bolstered by Pieck’s presence on a couch throughout the conference of warriors.

Pieck’s Relationships

Porco Galliard- In the case of Pieck and Porco Galliard, it appears that the two are good friends. The two Warriors got notably close throughout the Marley Mid-East Conflict, frequently fighting by each other’s side in various fights including the battle of Fort Slava at the end of the war. She calls him “Pock” ( Pokko) affectionately on occasion, although he seems to resent it. While they were cadets, the two appeared to have been close, even as children, and they trained together.

Zeke Yeager – Like the other Warriors, Pieck is shown to highly respect and admire her battle chief. She informed Zeke of the Survey Corps’ existence during the combat in Shiganshina and later saved him and Reiner when the battle ended. During the combat, she was also shown gathering boulders for him to aim at the incoming Survey Corps until he warned her to stop otherwise. Like Porco, she has known Zeke since childhood.

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Pieck’s Power and Abilities

Pieck has the power to turn herself into a 4m Titan known as the Cart Titan. It is the shortest of all known human-controlled Titans.

Speed: Like the Jaw Titan, Pieck’s Titan is noted for its deadly speed. For his part in the Mission to Regain the Founding Titan’s victory over Levi Ackerman’s incredible speed, Pieck was able to rescue Zeke from his Beast Titan form, which had been shattered by the mission’s events. This disabled him long enough for them to make their escape. During the battle at Fort Slava, Pieck was tasked alongside Galliard to take out the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces.

Enhanced Strength: All Titan-powered people, including Pieck, have enhanced strength that surpasses that of Pure Titans. Due to the distinctive appearance of the Cart Titan, she is commonly utilized as a pack mule, being able to carry barrels and crates across her Titan’s back.

Communication: When she transforms into her Titan form, Pieck is able to communicate verbally. During the Return to Shinganshina arc, she acted as a scout for Zeke and Reiner, informing them of the oncoming Survey Corps. Ymir and Zeke also have this skill, however, unlike Ymir, she has no trouble speaking.

Enhanced Transformation Endurance: While most other humans possessing the power of the Titans are unable to stay in their Titan forms for extended periods of time at danger of absorption, Pieck is able to continue in this form for unusually long lengths of time due to the might of her Cart Titan.

However, due to her Titan form being on all fours, Pieck usually forgets how to walk on two legs after departing Titan form. During the Marley Mid-East War, Pieck revealed that she spent roughly two months in her Titan form, and as a result, has begun to walk with the use of a crutch.

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