Mikasa: Relationships, Abilities, and More

Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman are the series’ two deuteragonists.

Eren Yeager saved Mikasa from human traffickers after her parents were killed, and she resided with Eren, Grisha, and Carla Yeager for a time before Wall Maria fell. Shogun descendant, she is related to the Azumabito dynasty and wields enormous political power in Hizuru as a result of her lineage.

The 104th Training Corps regards Mikasa as its best soldier, despite her desire to live a peaceful life at home. Later, she joins the Survey Corps to keep an eye on and defend Eren, and she proves to be an invaluable member of the team. As a member of the Corps, she is now serving as a captain.

Mikasa’s Appearance

Despite her petite stature, Mikasa is a physically fit woman. She had pale skin, grey eyes, and long, shaggy black hair that she chopped to chin-length because she is of mixed Asian ancestry. While her hair has grown out to cover the back of her neck at this point, her bangs are substantially longer by the year 854. On the outside of her right wrist, she has a tattoo of the Azumabito family crest.

Eren’s Titan inflicted a tiny wound on her right eye during the Battle of Trost District, leaving her with a slight scar below her right eye. Mikasa’s hair has grown to a considerable length by 857, and it is now pulled back into a ponytail.

For most of the time, she wears the original Survey Corps uniform, which has its equipment positioned horizontally at her hips, with a white blouse underneath and a black scarf that she nearly always wears.

When she’s on a mission, she’ll also don a green cloak with gold angel wings on the back. Dressed in an off-duty white dress, cardigan, and brown boots with her trademark black scarf is all that is required for informal outings.

While in Marley, Mikasa wears a black Survey Corps uniform, which includes a breastplate with the Survey Corps emblem; multiple belts to hold all of her various gear; support rods around her chest for the gas canister; and towering black boots. ‘ An extra gas tank and canisters running vertically down her legs round up her arsenal of weapons, which also includes guns and thunder spears.

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Mikasa Personality

Mikasa was a happy, extroverted, and gentle youngster before moving in with the Yeagers. She was able to put her worries to the back of her mind and continue to live with her parents and other loved ones in peace because of her innocence. Mikasa has become more aloof and violent as she has gotten older, even scaring her friends and foes.

If the situation seems dismal, she remains calm and composed, never losing her cool or being unsure of what to do. Armin was the only one who could tell she was struggling with the loss of Eren because of her calm demeanor after he was presumed dead.

Seeing her friends and carers as the last remaining members of her family, Mikasa regards them with a strong sense of responsibility. When a small girl is saved, she bows and saves the Marleyan soldier who had just slain one of her friends. She also appears to have a soft heart for kids. The powerful feelings she has for her loved ones, especially when they are in danger, sometimes cause Mikasa to lose her judgment at times, sometimes to the detriment of herself and others.

Mikasa’s seeming demise caused her to lose her will to live for a brief period, and she forgot her responsibility for the lives of the soldiers she took on as a leader as a result. After being awoken by her memories of Eren, she decided to never give up again, as her memories would die with her if she did so.

Mikasa grew up with a keen awareness of the brutality of nature, having watched predators stalk and kill their weaker prey from an early age. During a botched kidnapping attempt, a gang of criminals cruelly murdered her parents in front of her eyes, only saving her and her rescuer when she was able to kill one of her assailants without hesitation. Mikasa had a pessimistic outlook on life and accepted the world as a terrible place where only those who are strong are able to live following this traumatic experience.


Mikasa’sย  History

When Mikasa was born, she had an Asian mother and an Ackerman father. She grew up in Wall Maria’s farmlands alongside her parents, helping them out on the farm since she was a small child. A traumatic practice of her mother’s sawing the mark of their family into Mikasa’s skin left her with many scars.

Robbers saw her mother and brother as easy prey because they were the last of their kind. Traffickers killed her parents and attempted to kidnap her when she was just 9 years old with the intention of hawking her in the human-trafficking market in the Capital’s Underground. Mikasa was saved by Eren Yeager, the son of her family’s doctor, who comforted her. In the end, he fooled and killed two of the kidnappers, but he was nearly strangled by a third trafficker.

Eren pleaded with Mikasa to fight to the death, and it was only after Mikasa realized how cruel the world can be that Eren was able to shoot the thief in the back.

Mikasa was given the scarf by Eren when Grisha Yeager and members of the Military Police Brigade arrived. As a result of this incident, the Ackermans’ innate fighting spirit and ability to maintain complete composure were brought to the surface.ย  After that, Mikasa moved in with Eren’s family, where he remained until Wall Maria fell.

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Mikasa Abilities

The ability to use equipment in a vertical position

While she was still training, Keith even observed that Mikasa’s performance is excellent in every subject and that she is genuinely a genius.ย She is able to wield blades to quickly and efficiently strike and slash Titans thanks to her prowess in vertical maneuvering equipment. She has been referred to as a military genius and “as valuable as a hundred average soldiers” because of this.ย  When faced with Titans, she can wield a lethal weapon few soldiers, new recruits or seasoned soldiers, have ever been able to do. This was demonstrated when she faced off against Annie in her Titan form, who had previously easily murdered a number of experienced veterans.

ย Usage Of Thunder Sword

It was an entirely new weapon management method for Mikasa, but she quickly learned how to wield Thunder Spears with ease. As a result, she is capable of lifting eight spears and tossing and detonating them simultaneously on Titans with greater accuracy than the weapon inventor.

Mikasa’s Relationships

She had an incredible relationship with her parents – they were the best of friends and she cherished the simple life they had. An Asian clan’s mark was inscribed on Miksha’s right forearm by her mother as a scarring rite because she was one of the last members of her family. She congratulated Mikasa for receiving the mark without creating a fuss and urged her to continue the tradition with her own children.

Mikasa adored Mr. Ackerman because he treated her like a father and made her feel safe. When she didn’t know something, she didn’t hesitate to seek her parents for help. Mikasa had given up all hope after her parents were brutally murdered in front of her eyes by a gang of criminals. She thought her life was over until Eren’s father offered to take her in.

Grisha Yeager: Though he initially hoped Mikasa would become friends with Eren, Grisha ultimately took in Mikasa after her parents were brutally murdered.
Mikasa regarded him as a father figure since he treated her as if she were his own daughter.

The Female Titan Arc

To decide his future, Eren is taken before a military trial once the fight of Trost District is over No matter how much she tries to defend Eren, she is forced to testify against him because of the number of people he has terrified with his careless behavior.ย  In addition, she is forced to watch helplessly as Levi humiliates Eren.

After some time, Mikasa and the others analyze their vertical maneuvering equipment to figure out who murdered the two kidnapped Titans.

Erwin Smith, Commander of the Survey Corps, arrives later to recruit additional members for the expedition that is scheduled in a few months.ย  There are just a few who stay behind: Mikasa and Reiner among them, along with Armin and Sasha and Krista and Ymir and Jean and Jean and Bertolt.

The 57th expedition, of which Mikasa is a member, is revealed to include him.

Female Titan emerges shortly after departing Wall Maria and defeats several Survey Corps members. Once they get to the Titan Forest, the group is guarded by Mikasa, who makes sure no Titans venture inside.ย  The Corps is about to return to Wall Rose when Mikasa hears Eren’s Titan roar and decides to help him instead of staying behind to help the Corps.

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