Armie Hammer: Abuse and Cannibalism Controversy

After a lady who claims to have had an intimate relationship with Armie Hammer set up an Instagram account to post grisly details of the sexual encounters she claims they had, he found himself in the middle of a massive scandal. She also shared screenshots of what she claims to be explicit Instagram DMs between Hammer and a number of other women. A cannibalistic rant, rape fantasies, and a desire to inflict misery on his partners are just some of the purported talks that the actor is supposed to have had in the year 2021, according to TMZ.

Behind closed doors, everyone has their own tastes, but these charges made by the anonymous @houseofeffie Instagram account reveal a dark side to Call Me By Your Name singer that fans might not have known about before. However, despite the fact that the direct messages haven’t been authenticated, an ex-girlfriend of Hammer spoke to Page Six recently, confirming some of the accusations against the actor. His controlling nature and the emotional abuse she claims to have suffered while dating him were discussed by her.

When it comes to his claims of “cannibalism,” “drinking blood,” “cutting toes,” and other sexual proclivities, the public has focused on them, but the women who claim to have been abused and assaulted by him need our attention. In certain cases, the accusations indicate abuse and flagrant disdain for boundaries. According to ladies who’ve had a relationship with him in the past, the screenshots don’t come as a surprise to them and aren’t shocking at all. The actor’s lawyer has refuted the women’s accusations, and Hammer has called them “bullshit assertions.” Earlier this year, a lady came forward to accuse Hammer of rape; he immediately refuted the allegation through his lawyer. In May, the actor entered a rehabilitation center, where he resided until December, according to reports. In the wake of Armie Hammer’s controversies, here is a comprehensive look.

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The Instagram Account β€œHouse of Effie” Attempted To Expose Armie Hammer

Photos published on the Instagram page @houseofeffie appear to show dozens of messages purportedly sent from Armie Hammer’s account to numerous ladies. Rape fantasies, BDSM, and cannibalism were all mentioned in the communications. There are too many terrible images to post here, but one of them reads: “Basically, you’re just here to serve me and be my servant. If I wanted to carry a bit of you with me at all times, would it be okay if I cut off one of your toes and kept it in my pocket?”

In addition to claiming to have had an affair with Armie Hammer for four years, the anonymous poster also claims to have tracked down five other women who claim to have had an affair with the actor. In October 2016, Hammer was still married to Elizabeth Chambers, according to the administrator of the account. Chambers filed for divorce in July 2020, citing irreconcilable differences, after the pair had been married for 10 years.) It was just a matter of time before additional women came forward to relate their stories of dealing with the actor, and in some instances, he reportedly tells the ladies, “I want to eat your heart.”

After talking for days and nights without eating or sleeping, “women approached me with their affair experiences,” the person behind the account wrote in a statement on her Instagram Story. “They were overcome with sadness and some ended up in the ER.” “After watching how he treated women in 2020 and how we were treated, we all came to the conclusion that we needed to speak up. There is no way we can allow any more women to go through what we are currently going through.” Unseen photographs were released by the House of Effie operator, who claimed to have received messages from the actor, one of which showed a hand with a tattoo that resembled the star’s on the ring finger.

Armie Hammer’s Work Has Been Affected By These Allegations

Shotgun Wedding, Hammer’s next romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez, has been put on hold since the DM controversy came to light. An explanation for his departure from the project was made public. Because of the nasty and unfounded online assaults against me, I can no longer leave my children for four months to shoot in the Dominican Republic”, Hammer stated to Variety. “I’m not reacting to these bullshit charges,” Hammer said. As a result, “I’d like to express my gratitude to Lionsgate for their assistance.” They added that he “has requested to step aside from the picture and we support him in his decision,” according to a production representative.

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There Was An Increase In The Number Of Women Who Came Forward To Support The House Of Effie Claims

Other ladies who have had a romantic relationship with Hammer have spoken out. Jessica Ciencin Henriquez was caught having lunch with Hammer in September, just a few months after he and his wife split up. After a month of dating, she posted a screenshot on Instagram proving that she had banned him. “If you are still questioning whether or not those Armie Hammer DMs are real (and they are), maybe you should start questioning why our culture is prepared to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims,” she tweeted to the lady behind the House of Effie account earlier this month. / sex abuse,” TW/ “Because some of you made it to adulthood without understanding what this is,” she apparently tweeted, according to reports. People and animals alike are subjected to abuse when they are mistreated.

What Did Armie Hammer’s Ex Tell About Him?

For a brief period in 2020, from June to October, Courtney Vucekovich admitted to Page Six that she was romantically involved with the actor. Emotional abuse is another charge she has made, saying that he “loves the thought of skin in his teeth” and that he was emotionally abusive. Vuckovich told a tabloid, “He claimed to me he wants to break my rib and barbeque and eat it.” That was bizarre, but you never think about it again. He tells her, ‘I’d like to eat you up.’ His preferred method of treating minor cuts on my hands was to either lick them or suck them in his mouth. As far as strange goes, that’s all we’ve got.”

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When the woman walked away, she observed, “The actor sucks out all the sweetness you have left.” β€œHe enters your life in such a significant way. He has such an allure about him. Most women would say, “Oh my my, this is great,” but young women, in particular, should be wary of his skill at active manipulation and his ability to make you feel like he’s never felt this way about anybody before. “He soon develops a close bond with you.” He’s preparing you for the darker, heavier, and more consuming aspects of your life. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially are all included in my definition of “consumption.”

β€œI felt uncomfortable with a few of the things he tried to do,” she said. God knows why he convinced me that these things were OK, and he put me in some perilous circumstances where I was not OK, where he was severely drinking, and I wasn’t drinking that way and that worried me. “I wasn’t at ease.”

You do things that are completely out of character for you like sex acts, she continued.

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