Zeke Yeager: Personality, Abilities, and Who Killed Him?

As a veteran of Marley’s Warrior Unit, Zeke Yeager had been assigned to rescue the Founding Titan from the Eldians of Paradis Island. Reiner Braun compared him to Levi Ackerman, who had the moniker of “humanity’s strongest soldier,” because he was the Beast Titan’s heir apparent. For his own purposes, he fooled and exploited both sides of the conflict between Eldia and Marley in order to bring about the annihilation of his people, which he considered “salvation.”

One of Eren Yeager’s half brothers, Zeke was the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz and a member of the Royal Family on his mother’s side.

Zeke Yeager’s Appearance

Human Form

Zeke had grey eyes, platinum blond hair, and a matching moustache that sank into his beard while he was in his human form. With no shirt, loose slacks, combat boots and circular spectacles, he was spotted out and about. Zeke’s appearance changed dramatically after his return to Marley and the subsequent four-year time jump, as compared to his appearance on Paradis Island. To avoid squishing his eyes, he had his hair and beard shaved significantly shorter.

Titanic shape

Zeke’s Titan form has a remarkable ape-like appearance, making him an exceedingly unique specimen. His gait, on the other hand, was more human-like; he walked on two legs like other Titans. His height was originally unrecorded at a whopping 17 metres. A thick layer of dark fur draped over the majority of his body, forming a beard and covering his scalp as it grew over his torso, shoulders, limbs, and groyne. His entire body was exposed, including his head, ears, arms, legs, and stomach. Unlike most Titans, he had pointed ears and teeth.

His upper torso had the same proportions as the Colossus Titan, with a huge chest that overshadowed his head and elongated arms. His large fingers and skilled thumbs also made it easy for him to pick up delicate items from the ground. At any one time, it was difficult to tell where in the world his Titan’s eyes were focused.

ย Zeke Yeager’s Personality

Inquisitive Zeke was a highly intelligent man. Curiosity for Mike Zacharias’ language and vertical manoeuvring equipment drew him toward him, although he was often seen as cold and detached in his pursuit of information.

When it came to giving instructions and instructing others on what to do, he showed the characteristics of a leader. He told the Titan to eat him to hold him instead of devouring him while he was chatting to Mike. He was willing to utilise sheer force if his commands were ignored. When the Titan that was eating Mike disobeyed him, he crushed the Titan’s head, or when he beat Reiner and Bertolt to make them focus on acquiring the Founding Titan rather than protecting Annie.ย  For example, his decision to focus on taking down the Founding Titan rather than saving Annie shows a capacity to think strategically and prioritise mission objectives rather than feelings.

Also, Zeke appeared to be a cold, brutal and caustic person, yet he wasn’t blatantly sadistic in his actions. To his credit, he slaughtered human warriors without remorse and allowed the Titans to consume Michael after the latter had served his purpose, appearing unconcerned about the anguish that he was going to endure. The fact that they spoke the same language was all he could think about instead.

Zeke Yeager’s History

Grisha and Dina gave birth to Zeke. By virtue of his parents’ intention to topple the Marley government in order to reclaim power for the Eldians, Zeke Yeager was born. “The Warrior programme,” which asked for Eldian children aged five to seven to serve as prospective Warriors with the promise that their families would be named Honorary Marleyans and be guaranteed independence inside the country, was revealed when Grisha was one of the rebels.ย To further his purpose, Grisha enrolled Zeke into the programme as a snitch.

Eldian Restorationist gatherings meant that Zeke’s parents Dina and Grisha had to spend most of their time with their grandparents, where his grandfather would tell him stories of the Eldian race’s atrocities.ย Throughout Zeke’s childhood, his parents’ involvement with the Eldian Restorationists caused them to become increasingly distant from him, with Grisha in particular exhibiting little interest in his son’s personal life.

Warrior training was Zeke’s passion. At first, Zeke’s performance as a Warrior Candidate was not outstanding, and his inability to keep up with his other candidates led to his exclusion from his class and his instructor. However, he was able to form a friendship with Tom Ksaver during his training. Zeke ran into Ksaver while he was playing catch by himself after a day of ordinary training. Zeke joined Ksaver in the game after some nudging from Ksaver and was delighted to hear Ksaver commend him on his pitching ability.

A fellow restorationist was in the middle of a meeting with Zeke’s parents when he tried to tell them about the event upon his return home. As his parents convinced Grice that he had the potential to save Eldia, Zeke sought to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager’s Abilities

The Beast Titan was Zeke’s Titanic form, standing 17 metres tall. Ragako’s population were made Titans by the Titan and the strength of his royal blood, which he used to force his will on them imperfectly. In his Titan, he could throw projectiles to incredible distances, even eliminating whole fleets with explosive shells thanks to his throwing skills. Even after he was converted, he was still able to communicate verbally.

Zeke Yeager’s Relationships

Griz Yeager – As a child, Zeke was jealous of other children who had a better relationship with their fathers than he did with his. Because of Grisha’s influence, Zeke was coerced into joining the Eldian Restorationists as a spy by the Marley government. Two years of Grisha’s views and philosophy being instilled in Zeke would lead to Zeke’s contempt for his father.

ย  Zeke discovered about his father’s surviving banishment and fathering another child around twenty years later. The fact that he claims that he and his half-brother Eren are “victims” of Grisha and have been brainwashed by him shows how much he still loathes his dad. His father has been “disowned” by him, and he calls Grisha disgusting.

Although Zeke had a bad impression of his father, he ultimately realised that Grisha had remorse for the way he treated his first son, which surprised him considerably. During the flashbacks Zeke and Eren witnessed, Grisha was able to see Zeke and apologised profusely for the pain and suffering he had caused him as a child and for being a bad father. Astonished by Grisha’s expression of passion, Zeke referred to him as “Dad.” It’s implied that Zeke wished to obey his father’s wishes by making reference to Grisha’s request to stop Eren before ordering the sterilisation of all Subjects of Ymir.

Zeke’s mother, Dina Fritz, is considered to have had a good relationship with him when he was a child. Like Grisha, he came to perceive her negatively because of her allegiance to the Eldian Restorationists. While on Paradis Island, Zeke was shocked to learn of his mother’s death, despite this.

Dina Fritz: After his parents were arrested, Zeke was taken care of by his paternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Yeager, who were his father’s parents. ย Zeke is clearly in love with them, as he was shown greeting them warmly upon his return from the Marley Mid-East War.

How Does Zeke Yeager Die In Attack On Titan? and Who Killed Him?

Yes! Attack on Titan Anime’s Zeke was killed by Levi in Attack on Titan Chapter 137, and he had chosen his own death. Levi Ackerman killed Zeke Yeager by decapitating him and then severing his spine from his skull, as Zeke had disclosed himself to him so that he could be killed. Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan was eaten by Ymir Fritz at the end of Chapter 136, and Armin arrived at the coordinate, the site that binds all Eldians with Ymir Fritz after Armin tried to confront Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan.

As soon as Eren had converted into Founder, Zeke was already in the same coordinate. Ymir ate Zeke and then left him to fend for himself on the way. In the coordination, Armin and Zeke discussed their personal perspectives on life and freedom as they sat around the table. In Armin’s defence, Zeke explained to Armin why Ymir had followed Eren’s advice. Zeke and Eren are working together to achieve their goals.

For more than two millennia, Ymir has been enslaved and obedient to the Fritz family, according to Zeke. When she died, she felt a connection to the world, even though it had been many years since she had been alive. That Ymir chose to aid Eren was because Eren was the only one who could truly comprehend Ymir.

As for getting out of the coordinate, Armin inquired with Zeke as well. Zeke’s response is that the conflict is over because Eren has already won. Still, Armin insists that Zeke help him as all the Eldians and Marleyans are fighting together to stop Eren, and all the innocent lives are at stake. . After Zeke’s retort that everything dies, Armin and he begins reminiscing about their own childhoods. Zeke views Armin’s recollections as if he were a baseball bat, which he holds.

This brings back memories of Zeke’s boyhood friend Ksaver, with whom he used to play catch. While visiting Ksaver and his father Grisha, Zeke finally expresses his gratitude to Grisha for the amazing life he’s had. As he continues his conversation with Ksaver, Zeke admits that while he still believes his Euthensia plan was correct and would have ended the war, he is free of any guilt at this point. Zeke also says that he still wants to be reborn in the next life as Zeke and would enjoy playing catch with Ksaver again.

We see Zeke bringing Armin out of the coordinate after he calls on the strength of his Ksaver and Grisha for assistance. When Eren’s Founder’s body is freed, he shouts out for Levi to come to him. This is how Zeke Yeager died at the hands of Levi Ackerman: by decapitating Zeke’s head off of his neck with a machete.

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