Bernese Mountain Dog in a meadow at sunset mountains in the background.

A hiker from California was discovered dead with his mourning dog, King, by his side.

Until the very end, he was man’s best friend.

The body of a man who had been missing since March 16 was discovered in a secluded corner of Los Angeles’s sprawling Griffith Park — with his heartbroken and starved dog, King, by his side.

In a report published Saturday, NBC Los Angeles said Oscar Alejandro Hernandez, 29, had been missing since March 16.


The place where Hernandez was discovered on Thursday was a good trek up from the park’s merry-go-round, according to a firefighter who worked there. Hernandez’s family distributed flyers indicating that he was last seen on hiking trails near the merry-go-round.

Hernandez’s dog, King, was right next to him when rescuers discovered his dead body, according to reports. They claimed that the dog was exhausted and hungry, but that it was still alive.


Hernandez’s cousin told NBC Los Angeles that the dog was devoted to his owner and never left his side.

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