An out-of-state resident deposits a $33K check into his BofA account, but the bank promptly closes, obliterating the money.

More and more clients are choosing to conduct their banking business online rather than visiting a physical branch, as you may have seen recently.

But for one Californian, it sparked a little commotion.

After only a few hours of making a sizable deposit, his local Bank of America branch was closed. When his money went missing, he turned to KGO-Michael TV’s Finney, a reporter from our sister station in San Francisco.



If it happened at a major bank, it’s hard to imagine it could happen. A Bank of America teller in Oakland received a $33,000 deposit from this viewer. The branch was forced to close a few hours later. There was no record of his deposit. “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do,” everyone kept saying.

However, the experience was like a bad dream… except that it was real.

According to Oakland resident Brian Leonard, “I’m starting to worry I may not ever see the money.” “‘You’re telling me right here to my face that there’s nothing you can do about Bank of America losing $33,000 of my money?'”

When Leonard went to Bank of America, he placed $33,000 into his account. After that, it vanished.

As far as I know, no one said, “We’ll find out where the money is so that you can pay us back,” or, “We can take care of it.” Leonard explained.

Leonard’s kitchen was the starting point for everything. It was stated to him: “My wife and I are currently undergoing a major kitchen overhaul.

Leonard owed the contractor $33,000, which he transferred from his Wells Fargo account to his Bank of America account.

As soon as he arrived at the bank, he handed over a cashier’s check.

That afternoon, or at the very least, the following morning, Leonard deposited his cashier’s check.

When he went to check his bank account the following day, the money was missing. He got on the phone with BofA, and the news was not good.

“There was no record of the transaction, according to the woman. As far as she was concerned, there had been no exchange of value “he commented.

Leonard returned to the bank to find that BofA had closed the branch where he had just placed a large deposit.

“My heart sunk when I saw that the branch was closed and the teller who accepted my $33,000 cashier’s check was nowhere to be located… In my mind, I’ve already lost all my money because I witnessed the boat leave the wharf so quickly “he stated.

When Leonard attempted to enter a second location, he was met with the same result.

As soon as he found out that the branch was permanently closed, he began to panic: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” he said.

To a third location, he made his way. The door was open, but the manager wasn’t there to help…

“I asked him about the transaction and he stated there was none. So he had no choice but to accept the situation as it was “Then there’s Leonard.

Using the deposit receipt and cashier’s check, Leonard proved that the money had been stolen. “I asked, “Can you raise the issue with the manager?” No, he claims he has no control over the situation.”

Everyone at BofA, according to Leonard, told him that.

“Well, that was kind of, kind of kafkaesque,” he continued, referring to the situation.

Leonard, on the other hand, had a solution. It was KGO-TV, the federal government, and the bank’s CEO that he approached.

Leonard stated, “And you know, that ball started moving fast.”

The cashier’s check was made payable to Bank of America, not Leonard, and this “delayed the procedure,” according to Bank of America.

Until now, Bank of America had refused to explain why no one had been able to locate Leonard’s money.

“Bank of America contacted me within a few hours and informed me that they would be granting me $33,000 in loan forgiveness. Man, you guys were on it with 7 On Your Side! , “Leonard explained.

This story serves as a timely reminder to keep track of your purchases.

When asked whether the branch’s closure may have caused an issue with the deposit, Bank of America said only that the closure was “temporary.”

Over the past year, hundreds of bank branches have been shut down across the country.

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