Two cold fronts are expected to arrive next week, bringing warm and mostly gloomy weather.

Although temperatures reached the upper 70s Friday afternoon despite largely cloudy skies and a few patchy raindrops, the minimal sunshine and rising wind contributed to temperatures reaching the upper 70s.

Low clouds, fog, and drizzle return overnight and into the early hours of Saturday morning.


Saturday’s weather should be quite similar to Friday’s, with gloomy skies, fog, and rain in the morning, giving way to some limited sunshine in the afternoon and evening. On Saturday, temperatures are expected to reach the upper 70s, with highs in the upper 70s.

It has the potential to reach 80 degrees, but this would be very dependent on significant gaps in the afternoon cloud cover. Saturday will be gusty, with winds gusting up to 20 mph out of the south and south-western directions. On Saturday, a few patchy sprinkles or a brief light shower are possible, with a 10 percent chance of measurable rain depending on where you live.

Sunday will bring somewhat increased odds of measurable rain, as well as the possibility of morning mist and fog in the early morning hours. We could have some sunshine on Sunday, as we did on Friday and Saturday, with highs in the low 80s ahead of a cold front that will arrive late Friday night and early Monday morning. That front should bring us a few showers and possibly a thunderstorm, but it will be gone by the time we get to see them.

On Monday, temperatures will drop into the 60s, with highs barely reaching the 50s by Tuesday before temperatures will rise again.


A stronger cold front is expected to pass into the region on Friday, although there should be no rain.

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