Lil Durk Delayed the Release of the Most Awaited Album 7220

Lil Durk Delayed the Release of the Most Awaited Album 7220

Earlier, Lil Durk’s Album 7220 was set to release on February 22. Sadly, the Lil Durk 7220 albumΒ will not be out on the mentioned date. Lil announced the update regarding the delay on social media.

The new date has been decided for Album 7220. Though, the reason behind its delay is not confirmed by him. Still, a new song has been dropped for fans named β€œAHHH HA.” It was anticipated as the 7220 but later identified as a piece of different music.

In a recent conversation, he has revealed that Album 7220 will be a bundle of tracklists. However, he hesitated to disclose the tracklist details. He said that the upcoming music album is very special to him. Not only this, the music has a deep connection and mysterious meaning, he added. We have shared all the updates regarding the music album that fans should know about here.

Lil Durk Album 7220: Release Date

Lil Durk Delayed the Release of the Most Awaited Album 7220

As you know, the album was expected to have a release in February. Unfortunately, it is shifted to the 11th of March, 2022.

He took to the tweeter and tweeted, β€œ3/11”. The voice of the street is all set to have a tour of 17 cities for his album 7220. It is all geared up to start from the 8th of April at the Arizona Federal Theater in Phoenix and many other locations.

Lil Durk Album 7220 Track List

The number of tracks for the upcoming album is under wraps, along with the name. There are some speculations from outlets that forthcoming albums might feature the following.

  • AHHH HA Lyrics
  • P***ed Me Off
  • Broadway Girls, which might feature Morgan Wallen

Once the number of tracks and names come out, we may probably end up sharing the link with you all.

Where to Buy the Albums?

Lil has not confirmed where the albums will be rolled out to purchase for the general public. However, as per pure speculation, it might be available on:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon Music
  • Walmart and Target

Lil Durk Album 7220: What Does Number Mean to Him?

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He disclosed that the upcoming album 7220 is quite remarkable to him in an interview. It has a special connection with the rapper.

During the conversation, he said that 7220 is his grandmother’s address, who used to live in Chicago. He has a remarkable memory as he lived with the family. He revealed that his grandmother helped him shape his career, and the album will be a special memory for him. He explained that the music would take the fans to his childhood home.

Stay tuned with us to know more about upcoming albums and entertaining news.

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