Joe Vs Carole: Every Updates Viewers Must Know
Joe Vs Carole: Every Updates Viewers Must Know

Joe Vs Carole: Every Updates Viewers Must Know

The big cat drama series is returning on the streaming platform Peacock. Joe Vs Carole is based on Joe Exotic: Tiger King, a Wondery podcast. It will feature the battle between Exotic and Baskin. In the series, we will witness the fierce competition between the two. The breeding operation of animals has helped to earn profit for Joe. It has frightened Carole to shut down the business.

The streaming platform has already revealed the official release date with a trailer. The trailer also brings us the first look of Kate McKinnon as Baskin and John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic as the main characters.

The Peacock crime drama Joe Vs Carole is inspired by the second season of β€˜Wondery’s Over My Dead Body’ podcast. It is expected to follow Joe Exotic, a former zookeeper. Joe Vs Carole will be coming with all episodes at once on the sole streaming platform. We have shared all the close details of the upcoming series for all of you who are excited to know.

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Joe Vs Carole: Release Date

The release date is coming closer. The developers have announced that Joe Vs Carole will be hitting the screen on Friday 4th of March, 2022.Β  Series will be available to watch on Peacock. We will get to see more drama among the fellows, as mentioned. It will be a bundle of 8 episodes. Entire episodes will be released at the same time, claimed by producers. So, it can be binged.

Joe Vs Carole: Every Updates Viewers Must Know
Joe Vs Carole: Every Updates Viewers Must Know

Joe Vs Carole: Cast

During a show, one of the creators has revealed that Saturday Night Lives’ Kate McKinnon would be the lead cast of the upcoming series. Rick Kirkhan was supposed to be played by Dennis Quaid initially. Due to a scheduling difficulty during production, he was replaced by William Fichtner in July 2021.Β 

Rest of the cast for Joe Vs Carole is mentioned below, which are as follow:

  • Dean Winters as Jeff Lowe
  • John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic
  • Brian Van Holt as John Reinke
  • Sam Keeley as John Finlay
  • Nat Wolff as Travis Maldonado
  • William Fichtner as Rick Kirkham
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin
  • Lex Mayson as Saff
  • Joel Marsh Garland as James Garretson
  • Marlo Kelly as Jamie Murdock

Joe Vs Carole: Creators

Universal Content Productions, also known as UCP, is the project manager. UCP is not new to converting podcasts for television. It has already produced two: Dirty John and Julia Roberts, an Emmy nominated series’ Homecoming’. Apart from Joe Exotic, they are also working on the Dr Death Wondery podcast version.

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Joe Vs Carole: Plot

As of now, developers have not revealed the actual plotline of the upcoming series. But during a show, creators hinted that the forthcoming project probably concentrated on Carole Baskin. Carole Baskin is a cat lover who notices that her young fellow and animal lover Joe Exotic Schreibvogel is breeding animals.

In the released trailer, we witnessed that Joe is breeding animals to sell them for earning massive profit. After seeing this, Carole attempts to shut down Joe’s business, triggering fierce competition. On the other hand, Carole has a troubled past of her own, and when the unfavourable situation comes out, Joe starts to reveal her hypocrisy. The developers catastrophically state the consequences.

Joe Vs Carole is based on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic, which has been characterized as an “even deeper” dive into the world of the Tiger King based on interviews conducted by journalist Robert Moor.

Joe Vs Carole: Trailer

Recently, the makers have released the official trailer of Joe Vs Carole. Check it here. Watching the trailer, we witnessed that the upcoming series will have a lot of comedic elements. The short clips revealed a few entertaining and dramatic moments. For sure, the fight between the two will entertain us. We will be back with more updates soon.

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