Miesha Tate reacts to facing that spicy Celebrity Big Brother jury

Miesha Tate exited the Celebrity Big Brother house in the same way she entered it: victorious. The former UFC champion won the first Head of Household competition of the season, kicking off a run of domination β€” four HOH and two Veto wins β€” that resulted in her being voted Celebrity Big Brother season 3 champion. Her win was sealed when the jury voted 7-1 in her favour against fellow competitor Todrick Hall.

What did Miesha think of her come-from-behind victory? Was she taken aback by the jury’s criticism of Todrick? And was she startled by the landslide victory? We spoke with the champion after the game, and here’s what she had to say about her win, the jury, and the game’s key play.

So, how does winning Celebrity Big Brother compare to winning the ats bantamweight title in mixed martial arts?

TATE, MIESHA: “It was undoubtedly more exciting for me to win the bantamweight title since it had been 10 years in the making, and I was shocked with this opportunity just a few weeks before the show. So I didn’t put as much effort into this as I should have. However, I am pretty proud of myself for surviving this ordeal, and I still can’t believe it. Even though I had hoped to win this game, it proved to be a challenging effort.

After winning the first HOH, I assumed I’d be fighting for my life for the rest of the game, based on how everyone looked at me. [I was like] as I stepped inside the home, “Everyone thinks I’m a danger. This is going to be difficult.” But I only had to swerve hard once, and I’m still not sure why, but I’m glad to be here. I am delighted to have won.”

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Which was more complicated: playing the game or playing the game while attempting to shed all that weight to drop a weight class?

Yeah. That. All of the aforementioned.

Why do you believe the jury selected you virtually unanimously over Todrick?

That’s tough to say since I’ve been isolated from the rest of the world. I haven’t watched the programme yet, so I don’t know, but I assume that Todrick, from what I’ve seen, is extra, and he jokes a lot and is very vivid with his jokes, and I think he may have hurt some people’s feelings.

I think many of our cast members didn’t seem to know the game very well. And I believe Todrick confessing later in the game that he was a huge fan was like, “So, that’s how you play the game. This is how it’s done.” Before I arrived, I watched a portion of Season 23. Regular Big Brother is different from Celebrity Big Brother, where we all have a brand and want to walk a certain way and want to be accepted since we’re already celebrities.

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Pictured (L-R): Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, and Cynthia Bailey.
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However, in ordinary Big Brother, they go all out and fight, lie, and manufacture all of these scenarios. And I believe that if you were a die-hard fan, you might have thought that this is how the game is played. But everyone else didn’t seem to get it. There were so many individuals in the home who didn’t know anything, including myself. I had no idea how it worked. So I’m thinking, “I guess I just gotta be myself in there and be very straightforward and try to win all the competitions.” I believe his method would have been more warmly welcomed if this had been a regular season, but I don’t know how it went. I haven’t yet watched it.

Were you taken aback by the tone of some of the jury’s remarks when voting for Todrick?

Sure, certainly. And that bothered me to the point where I could see Todrick’s anxiety and uncertainty on his face. I was perplexed, which took some of the lustrs out of my victory. Because, as a mother, if you care about someone, you can’t just celebrate when you believe someone else is in a difficult situation, you know? So I’m ecstatic for myself, but my heart goes out to Todrick because, as he said, I hope people evaluate him by his heart, not his head. Sometimes we do things, make errors, and say things we must accept responsibility for and apologise. And perhaps it is something he will do. And perhaps not. Again, I’m shooting in the dark here, but I believe Todrick is a beautiful person. And if he made a mistake on this, I think he will be eager to admit it to be recognised.

Were you taken aback by any of the votes you received? Todd’s vote, I’m sure, surprised him.

Todd’s vote didn’t surprise me since I expected him to vote for me because we were so close from the start of the game. He was a very devoted and wonderful alliance member until the time came for us to go. And then we were truthful β€” like, “We’re now going head to head. May the most deserving man or woman triumph.” So I reasoned that I may get his vote. However, the level of fury he displayed surprised me. I had not anticipated that he would harbour any ill will against any of us. That was the surprise thing.

I felt his vote could surprise you because he believed Todrick had played the best game shortly before he left the house.

Yeah, I think I assumed it was 50/50 at the time. You never know, he may vote for you. But that didn’t come as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting him to vote one way or the other. But when he said it, I was taken aback. Carson’s choice surprised me the most because they had a previous connection. Todrick and Carson had previously worked together, and their bond reminded me of Cynthia’s. And everyone appeared to have a soft spot for Todrick, so I assumed Carson would have voted for him.

Let’s speak about the game’s pivotal move, persuading Carson and Cynthia to target their own comrade in the house, Shanna, rather than you. If it does not happen, you will leave considerably earlier. Did you believe it had a chance when you all started working on it?

I had no idea it was going to happen. To be honest, Todrick took the ball into his own court and went to Cynthia to plead his cause. Again, I’ll have to go back and watch it, but I was glad for it. I’m not sure how much of it was aired on TV or things, but it wasn’t a lie. We did have a final four with Shanna that she had agreed on at one time, and she was obviously playing both sides, which is OK.

Look, we’re having fun here. We’re attempting to win. There are also no regulations. People may want to pass judgement based on a moral compass or whatever, but it’s a social experiment, and there are several methods to attempt to navigate and win. And if you’re not the best comp player, you should strive to integrate yourself more into the social game.

So, it was before the live broadcast started, but there was a period when Shanna was in my HOH room, requesting Todrick to talk to me and join our side. And she consented to a final four that included me, Chris Kirkpatrick, Todrick, and her. So she was on both sides of the fence, and I’m not sure if that was fairly shown.

So when they say turn their back on their own member, it’s as if they’re asking, “Whose member was she really?” Because the first thing she did after rescuing Carson from the block was turn around and apologize to me. Why would she have done that and felt the need to explain it if she wasn’t pledging some devotion and allegiance to me? “Please accept my apologies, Miesha. I’m sorry, you guys; I simply need some competition assistance “? So we told it like it was. We didn’t want to make that narrative up out of thin air. It was unquestionably something that occurred.

So much of Big Brother is determining how far you will go in the things you do and say to win, and we saw Chris Kirkpatrick struggle with that when you pressed him for a clear answer and he danced around it because he didn’t want to simply lie to you. Is there anything you did or said throughout the game that you regret or struggled with?

It was quite tough for me to put Chris up for sale. But the scenario with Teddi is the one I regret the most. Simply making a pledge too early in the game. I did tell her that I would not put her on the block, and I did not do so. However, it turned out to be a backdoor scenario, which I’m sure was quite irritating for her. That was difficult for me. “God, you know, I told her I wouldn’t do this, but now so much has unfolded.” I had to ponder.

People didn’t realise it, but I was Head of Household for ten days. After then, most individuals are only HOH for three or four days. And I had no idea what this game was about. So I was simply attempting to decipher it. And I made a mistake when I told someone they were safe for the week. Then the entire home turned itself on its head 12 billion times. By the time we got to the other point in the game, a lot had happened, and I had a lot to learn, and I regret making that commitment to her because that was my primary aim in the first HOH battle, as you saw. When Todrick glanced at me, he said, “Will you keep me safe?” “Yes.” I say. And she looked at me, and I had no idea who these folks were, and she said, “Will you keep me safe?” “Can’t promise that.” I say. Right? I believed I tried to be straightforward and honest with everyone.

Are you shocked that you received her vote?

To be honest, I expected it would come down to Teddi as the tiebreaker. So, no, I wasn’t taken aback. I wasn’t surprised, but I was thinking, “Oh, I don’t know how she’s gonna leave feeling.” When she departed, she was furious with me. If looks could kill, I’m quite sure I’d be dead right there. So, yeah, I thought she could have voted for Todrick.

You dominated challenges, taking four Head of Household competitions and two Veto competitions. I know you’re a competitive athlete, so how fulfilling was it to win so many competitions?

So, I was trying to create a record for Celebrity Big Brother victories, and I believe I succeeded. So I’m pleased with myself. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that I’ve characterised myself in two ways: as a competitor and as a mother. I did well in competition. I take satisfaction in competing well, but my greatest success has been demonstrating to my children that you can achieve everything you set your mind to. And this has looked implausible and impossible to me since the minute I agreed to do it. “I’m probably not going to make it,” I said, “but I’m going to give it my all.” And I guess that’s the main point here: you always have to put your best foot forward.

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