The nan
The nan

The Nan Recent Updates Indicates the Return of Catherine Tate Along with Release Date

Catherine Tate’s fans are delighted with the release of the trailer of The Nan. Tate has reprised her role and would be seen as the rudest woman in the world. The story is based on Catherine Tate’s Nan, a four-part television special debuted between 2009 and 2015. It is a spin-off of the television sketch comedy show The Catherine Tate Show.

The upcoming β€˜The Nan’ movie will serve comedy, journey, and drama directed by Jousie Rourke. The film follows Nan and her grandson Jamie on a crazy and noisy road trip from London to Ireland. They are both going to see Nan’s sister, Nell, who is dying, hoping for Nell to apologize for the violence she had with Nell in the past.

Recently, it has been revealed that the upcoming film will have a theatrical release date until and unless the theatrical window gets closed. We have shared all the facts and figures that you should know about The Nan below.

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The Nan: Release Date

β€˜The Nan’ movie is all set to hit the theatres revealed by the developers. It has been confirmed in a talk show that β€˜The Nan’ will be hitting the screens on the 18th of March, 2022.

The nan
The Nan

Earlier, it was expected to have a release date of June 2020. However, the prevailing pandemic has halted the pre-and post-production of the film. It is all clear that the upcoming project will be hitting the screen next month.

The Nan: Cast

In a recent media talk show, one of the developers revealed the cast for the upcoming film. The list of the performers goes like this.

  • Catherine Tate as Joanie β€˜Nan’ Taylor
  • Matthew Horne as Jamie
  • Ruchika Jain as Nira
  • Bill Murphy as Officer Jonas
  • Tim Laubscher as Nutsack
  • Pete Bennett as Bradley
  • Parker Sawyers as Walter
  • Felix Scott as Arsemunch
  • Rebecca Trehearn as Peggy Roberts

It is anticipated that Niky Wardley and Katherine Parkinson may also showcase their potential. Not only this, two or three more names would be part of the project. As the official cast list is still awaited. If we get more updates on the cast, we will add to the space.

The Nan: PlotΒ 

As of now, the makers have not shared close details regarding its potential plot. But the recent trailer reveals that the most popular character of the film, Tate, could be seen exploring a wild road trip. Nan might share the journey with her grandson, Jamie, who played Matthew Horne. They could have a travel journey from Ireland to London. The entire trip is all about visiting Nan’s alienated sister. Nan could be seen asking for apologies from her estranged sister, Katherine Parkinson.

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In the trailer, we witnessed that they are seen enjoying the day being chased by cops, night out, watching rugby games, and many more throughout the journey. All this made their day memorable.

One of the developers of the films has also revealed that Catherine Tate would be playing the role of one of the rudest women in the world. Once we explore more about the plot, we may probably come out with an updated link. Until then, fans can enjoy the trailer and extract the potential plot from that.Β 

The Nan: Trailer

Recently, the trailer for β€˜The Nan’ has arrived. If missed, watch it here. In the trailer, we witness that Catherine Tate is back with the rudest character. The first trailer also unwraps that the audience will be getting more flashbacks. The trailer explores throwback moments from Nan and Aunty Nell’s past, in which they appear to have a dispute over a man. Stay tuned with us to dig out more about The Nan.

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