Superman and Lois Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Superman and Lois Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Superman and Lois season 2 will premiere, following the success of the first series, which is currently being shown in the UK on BBC.Β 

Β The emotional stakes of Lois, Clark, Jonathan and Jordan’s home lives have been raised, while the big Superman-focused action scenes are some of the most breathtaking locations on TV. And from the looks of things, we can assume they will get even bigger.

Inspired by the DC comic books, the series follows Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane, who live with their two sons. It deals with surprisingly everyday problems for Superman, mainly being a good father and husband.

Speaking about Superman and Lois season 1, star Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Clark, states: “There are a lot of things that people are dealing with right now, so it’s relatable to see Superman going through those same problems and several issues that can’t be solved with x-ray vision. It doesn’t matter that you can fly. Clark is very satisfied with the role of Superman. But as a dad, he’s still attempting to figure it out every day.”

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Season 2 will pick up where we left off, and there are quite a few surprises in store! Here’s all that we know so far about the new season.

Superman and Lois Season 2 Release Date

Superman and Lois Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

The series will return to The CW in the US on Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET.

We currently do not have a confirmed UK release date, but season 1 is shown on BBC1 and available on BBC iPlayer.

Superman and Lois Season 2 Cast

  • Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman, aka Clark Kent
  • Elizabeth Tulloch in the role of world-renowned journalist Lois Lane
  • Jonathan, played by Jordan Elsass
  • Jordan, played by Alex Garfin
  • Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing
  • Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang-Cushing
  • Dylan Wash, who plays Sam Lane

Ian Bohen will join the cast as enemy Lieutenant Mitch Anderson, who recruits Superman. Jenna Dewan will be in her original appearance in Supergirl as Lois’ sister, Lucy Lane. Finally, Tayler Buck will join the main cast as Natalie Irons. Wole Parks and Adam Rayner, who played The Stranger and John Henry Irons, will return for the new season.

Superman and Lois Season 2 Plot

The official recap for season 2 has been released ahead of the premiere. It reads: “Lois and Clark stumble as a couple while Chrissy adjusts to running The Smallville Gazette with Lois. Jonathan faces new trials on the football field, and new emerging secrets threaten to destroy Jordan and Sarah’ growing relationship.”

Additionally, series director Amy Jo Johnson shared a behind-the-scenes on Instagram, which confirms we will be witnessing a new super-suit, writing: “Last day of directing episode 206 of @cwsupermanandlois !! This has been the most thrilling experience of my entire career.”

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Superman and Lois Season 2 Trailer

The dramatic new season 2 trailer gives us a better look at what to expect from Superman and Lois in the Kent family with several breathtaking scenes and action cuts. Lois tells her husband, Clark, that things haven’t been okay for months and that she’s been accusing her husband of each of those happenings. With Lois withdrawing from her emotions and not talking about feelings properly, it’s causing even more problems for the family, who also have to contend with Natalie’s arrival and deal with the new issues that will arise because of her actions.

On top of this, Clark is hesitant to join Lieutenant Mitch Anderson, which sets up some conflict between those two.

We certainly can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the Kent family and be a part of Superman’s adventures as he tackles the problems he faces this year.

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