N64 classic is coming to Nintendo Switch: Release date [Latest News]

N64 classic is coming to Nintendo Switch: Release date [Latest News]

Banjo Kazooie (an N64 Classic) first launched in 1988. It was also one of the earliest games which came on the previous models of Nintendo. Hence fans are pretty pleased to know that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon. Although we have an official release date, we donโ€™t know when it will drop exactly. But of course, we have our ways of figuring it out. So, letโ€™s begin!

However, Banjo Kazooie will only be available for Premium users. Well, thatโ€™s a bummer! But what about the N64 Classic? The home-based console is coming with a bang with its brand new game. Of course, it will be a hit considering that the nostalgia will manipulate the gamers into spending their money for the right causes.ย 

For those of you who donโ€™t know what N64 is, well, we got you covered! It stands for Nintendo 64. Its development began way back in 1996, and it was meant to compete against the console of Sony and other famous game controllers of that time. But why is N64 coming back to Nintendo? Well, a while ago, Nintendo launched its online package. This โ€œExpansion Packโ€ package will bring exciting things for Switch users. Some of them are Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games.

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N64 Classic Price on Nintendo

N64 classicย costs $49.99, the service is limited to a small number of gamers, but please do those of you who have the means to spend. Because it is a phenomenal experience. If you have the standard Nintendo Switch (OLED version or the others), then you already have a stack of games to choose from. But if youโ€™re looking for something different, then the online subscription must successfully satisfy your needs.

And the N64 games library is expanding! But the best addition to it is going to be the blast from past โ€œBanjo-Kazooieโ€. As there is a family plan, it lets you enjoy the subscription from 8 different devices! Which makes up for its hefty subscription fee.

Other games which are coming to the N64 collection include:

  • Pokรฉmon Snap
  • Mario Golf
  • Legends of Zelda Majoraโ€™s Mask
  • F-Zero X
  • Paper Mario
  • Kirby 64

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N64 classic Release Date

The N64 Classic launched on 21st January 2022! If you have a subscription to the Online app, you can instantly gain access to the games (most importantly Banjo Kazooie).

And to play the game, make sure that you have the Expansion Pack and are also a member of Nintendo Switch Online.

However, it is believed that all of these games wonโ€™t become available on the same date. You might have to wait for a month longer for other games to launch correctly. But something is better than nothing! So, we should be thankful. We hope that the developers will add more games shortly. Most of the upcoming games are from the past, so the nostalgia will hit vital this time.

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