Dragon Age 4 Isn't Going to Launch in 2022

Dragon Age 4 Isn’t Going to Launch in 2022

The trailer for Dragon Age 4 was teased back in 2018 by EA. And it has been so long that even the fans lost hope for any updates on it. But luckily, EA and Bioware are finally letting us know about the essential details of the game. To read more about the sequel of Dragon Age: Inquisition, continue reading the article!

The tweets of developers and partners who have previously worked on Dragon Age have also been quite resourceful. The best part about this series is that every instalment is 10x better than its predecessor. So, you can expect a lot of new features and exciting challenges in Dragon Age 4.

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Dragon Age 4 Release Date

The game has suffered a lot. Reportedly it has been under development since 2015, but some issues kept on coming up. And now, due to the pandemic and lockdowns, we can not give an exact release date. However, there are rumours about it launching somewhere in 2023.

An official from EA said: β€œYou should assume that there’s Dragon Age out there. We’ve talked about it publicly that it’s in the works – it probably comes after fiscal [year] 2022.”

Dragon Age 4 Isn't Going to Launch in 2022

Although we don’t have a confirmed release date, Bioware has not stopped giving fans updates on the game. Their regular tweets and posts have kept fans full of hope all these years, and hopefully, this prolonged wait will be worth it.

Dragon Age 4 Plot

Dragon Age 4 will be developed on the foundations of Anthem’s code. Although this code has disappointed fans in the past, the team is quite determined to produce the best version.

The game will be set in the country of Tevinter Imperium. There are strict rules and restrictions this time. Although it is too early to predict the plot of the 4th part, there have been speculations about the return of Antivan Crows. However, if we go into the depth of their return, it will take ages to explain. So, that is a topic for another day!

By the finale of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we saw the rise of Trickster God. And the 4th part might entail more of him terrorizing the fictional world of Dragon Age. The Gray Wardens have always been a crucial part of all previous instalments. We are sure that the 4th part will also have them. Even if not the main characters, they will be there in the background.

The creators were generous enough to release concept pictures of Dragon Age 4. And looking at those pictures has given us a rough idea of the plot. The social hierarchy of the Tevinter will make the core of the plot. How? That is still unknown, but of course, the developers won’t disappoint.

The most exciting bit about the game is that it will be multiplayer! The previous games did not have this feature. The upcoming instalment will be a gamechanger. Of Course, this will also affect the gameplay of Dragon Age 4.

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Dragon Age 4 Trailer

There are no good videos that have disclosed the gameplay, but there are several teasers that will be enough to quench your thirst for now. The first teaser, which came back in 2018, was just to maintain the hype. However, the ones who came after them gave us a great deal of information about the setting and theme of the 4th instalment.

Don’t expect the official trailer and the gameplay to drop anytime soon. Because there is no confirmed release date for Dragon Age 4, it will take time for the trailer to come out. Up till now, this is all we know about the upcoming game so far. For more updates, stay tuned!

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