Cyrano: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Soundtrack Details & More

Cyrano: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Soundtrack Details & More

2021 was a year of spectacular musicals like “Tick Tick Boom” or “In The Heights”, and it seems like 2022 will not slow down either! Cyrano is all set for its release, and the best part is that now we have a confirmed soundtrack for the much-awaited musical.

Joe Wright’s movie will feature Peter Dinklage in the lead, the Game of Thrones star looks pretty optimistic about this movie. Wright has a history of producing blockbuster movies, and now that we know the crucial details about Cyrano, we can tell that this one will also be a delight!

For those who don’t know about Cyrano, this article will help you! Cyrano is based on the work of Edmund Rostand. It is about a man who was both a talented writer and poet, but unfortunately, he never felt content with himself due to his physical appearance. It is also a story about unrequited love. The man’s love interest never loved him back, which added to his misery.

Almost all Wright musicals have live music, Cyrano has also followed the same trend. The movie was filmed in Sicily, Italy. So, yes, Cyrano will surely be a delight for our eyes. The movie has already premiered in some parts of the world, but due to Covid and other restrictions, the movie will follow different schedules in different countries.

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The production for the movie started back in October of 2020. But due to Covid and lockdowns, the filming kept on getting delayed. But is there a confirmed Cyrano release date? You’ll find about it below!

Cyrano Release Date

For Los Angeles and New York, the Cyrano release date was fixed in December. This was to ensure that the movie qualified for Emmy Awards. Well, now we know what Wright was aiming for!

Cyrano: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Soundtrack Details & More

For the US audience, Cyrano will become available on 28th January 2022. Hopefully, the movie won’t suffer any further delays due to lockdowns. For those living in the UK, Cyrano will become available on 25th February. It originally had to debut in January, but due to a surge in Covid cases, the premiere date had to be pushed back. 

Cyrano Cast

Peter Dinklage will be seen in the titular role of Cyrano. The critics who have already watched the movie speak highly of his performance. It was his first musical! The actor can also sing to a certain extent which was pretty impressive.

As it is a love triangle, we have two other actors in the lead: Haley Bennett as Roxanne and Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Christian. Ben Mendelsohn will star as De Guiche. Other important actors are Bashir Salahuddin as Le Bret and Ray Strachan as La Rae.

Cyrano Sound Track

For the soundtrack of Cyrano, Dinklage has himself sung the songs. Alongside Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Glen Hansard. The first song from the movie titled “Someone To Say” is available for listening to.

Dinklage has also performed another soundtrack from the movie on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. You can stream it on YouTube. The official soundtrack is also available on the movie’s official site. You can download it from there legally.

Cyrano Plot

The musical will mainly focus on Cyrano’s complicated romantic relationship. His unrequited love will make the core of the movie. It’s based on a French play, and the story is also about a French soldier. Who had everything one dreamt of except decent facial features? He was so insecure about his looks that he never confessed his love. Indeed, it is a tragic love story.

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The girl Cyrano was in love with was a beautiful woman called Roxanne. But unfortunately, she was in love with another man named Christian. He was lucky in the looks department but had little faith in his words. Both Christain and Cyrano join hands. They turn their insecurities into their strong points! Cyrano promised to write letters and poems for Roxanne. These beautiful words combined with Christian’s looks would not only satisfy Roxanne, but they would also keep both of the lovers content.

It is truly an unusual story! Hopefully, the movie will prove to be a hit. And according to the reviews, it was a decent watch. So, make sure that you stream Cyrano before you miss out. 

Cyrano Trailer

The official trailer for Cyrano is out now. The cinematography of the movie is undoubtedly a 10/10. The trailer shed light on the significant life events of Cyrano de Bergerac. So, good news for history buffs!

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