Apple Relies on BOE to Supply iPhone 15 Pro Screens in 2023

Apple Relies on BOE to Supply iPhone 15 Pro Screens in 2023

A new report revealed Apple’s plans to rely on BOE to supply OLED screens for the iPhone 15 Pro in 2023.

A new report came today via β€œThe Elec” to explain Apple’s upcoming plans for iPhone versions scheduled to be launched in 2023.

Phone 15 Pro Screen Specifications

The report confirms that BOE is preparing to supply OLED LTPO screens to Apple in 2023, after several unsuccessful attempts to reach the required level of quality for iPhone screens, as it did not obtain a supply contract for the iPhone 12 series. Still, it was between Apple supply chains for the iPhone 13 series, providing the screens for the flagship version of the series.

Samsung has provided OLED screens for the Pro versions of the iPhone 13 series, but the new report confirms that BOE will start producing OLED LTPO screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz for the Pro version in 2023.

On the other hand, BOE continues to supply screens for the main version of the iPhone 14 series phones to be launched later this year, while LG and Samsung are working on producing OLED screens for the Pro versions.

It is noteworthy that the reports that came so far confirmed that the iPhone 14 series comes with significant changes in the design this year, so we look forward to more details about the upcoming versions this year of the iPhone phones.

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