Adekunle Gold catch me if you can

Adekunle Gold Releases Teaser For His ‘Catch Me If You Can [Latest Updates]

Adekunle Gold has announced essential details regarding his 4th brand new album! He is a Nigerian singer who is a pop sensation these days. The upcoming album will be following the Afro Pop Vol. 2 albums released back in 2020.

This information was revealed via the singer’s official Instagram account. He captioned a clip from his song with the album’s name, hashtag, and date it will release. Last year instead of releasing a whole album, the singer released a few singles. They all were mega hits. And all those songs will be a part of the brand new album titled β€œCatch Me If You Can”.

Adekunle Gold catch me if you can

He has also received a lot of honorary awards worldwide. Even a few from the Royal Family! In the singer’s words: β€œFor music services. Thank you to everyone that has relentlessly invested in this β€˜young man’. You made it possible. A lecturer told me is paying attention to you doing gospel make. Years later, here we are.”

Catch Me If You Can Release Date

Adekunle Gold will release his album β€œCatch Me If You Can” on 4th February 2022! The album will get featured on mainstream music apps. You can also pre-order the album! You’ll have to go to the singer’s Instagram account for the link. He has mentioned the link in his bio.

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