Jojolands Season 9

Jojolands Release Date Revealed! Here Are The Latest Updates!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a manga series written and illustrated by the famous Japanese writer Hirohiko Araki. As the name suggests, the manga revolves around the Joestar (JOJO) family in which each member possesses some supernatural ability. The manga has run for eight different editions. Each edition has another protagonist with various superpowers.

The manga began serialization in 1987 Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump and continued in the same magazine till 2004. In 2005, the manga shifted to seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump 2005 and is still running. Araki has produced eight successful parts, which consist of a total of 131 volumes of the series.

It is one of the longest-running manga series.Β 

Several adaptations of the manga are also present in the market, including anime series, video games, and more.Β 

After the eighth part, there were rumours that the manga had ended.

But, thanks to Hirohiko Araki! The manga is continuing, and Arqaki has shared the details about the ninth part of the series. So, be with us till the end of the article, so you do not miss any detail of the upcoming series.

Let’s delve into the revealed details about the upcoming part without wasting another minute.

Announcement of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure New Manga, Jojolands

Jojolands Season 9

After eight successful parts of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the franchise is coming with another adventurous part. The excellent news first came from the official Twitter account of the MangaMoguraRE. Β The information is also available on the official website of Jojo Bizzare Adventure.

The creators have revealed several details, including characters, plot details, release date, and more of the upcoming edition. The edition will be the ninth edition of the series.Β 

The upcoming edition is a spin-off and reboot of the manga series. The ninth edition will also serialize in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine.

It is officially announced that manga will be a spin-off of the Diamond arc.

Jojolands’ Release Date

To the delight of the fans, the arrival of the ninth edition of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure has officially been confirmed. After releasing the eighth edition of the manga series in August 2021, the fans become sad. However, to everybody’s surprise, Hirohiko Araki announced the ninth edition of the manga. He has also announced that the next part, tentatively titled ‘Jojolands’, is coming soon after the short break.

Sadly, the official Twitter account of the franchise has not revealed the official date of release of the manga series. The makers only announced that the manga is set to come out soon. The official release date is yet to be confirmed. If we go by the rumours, we can expect Jojolands in March 2022.Β 

We will update here once the release date gets confirmed.

Jojolands’ Cast Details

Β The manga will be written by Kohei Kadono and illustrated by Task Karasuma. Well, the makers have not revealed the whole cast of the upcoming manga series. But, we have a few details about the cast.

The protagonist will be part of the Joester family. There are rumours that Pet shop and Hol Horse will be the central part of the show. It is also revealed that several members of the series will also play the cameo role in the upcoming edition.Β Β 

Jojolands’ Plot Details

The official website of Jojo’s Bizzare adventure has teased the fans by revealing plot details of the upcoming edition.Β 

The ninth edition of the story will be a spin-off of the fourth edition, The Diamond arc. As per the official release, Jojoland will focus on the origin story of Josuke Hihashikata. It will match the timeline of Josuke’s Stand called β€œCrazy Diamond”.

So, gear up to read your favourite manga one more time.

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