Victim Identified Accident is being Investigated by the Civil Police

In work the Civil Police managed to identify the body of one of the victims found in the tragedy that occurred in According to the regional delegate of the Civil Police of Passos Marcos it is JΓΊlio Borges Antunes 68 years old It was predicted that the body of JΓΊlio Borges would be buried this Sunday 09 in SΓ£o JosΓ© da Barra MG the victim was a native of MG.

The Civil Police is still working on identifying nine other people who had their lives interrupted by this sad catastrophe where the fall of a canyon wall hit tourists on a tour with speedboats According to Minas Gerais firefighters the cause of the collapse has not yet been identified According to experts it is suspected that soil erosion and water infiltration may have occurred due to heavy rains.

As Joana Paula Sanchez a specialist in geological tourism and professor at the Federal University of GoiΓ‘s mentioned if there had been a technical mapping of the region it could have prevented people from being so close to a risk area The tragic accident that took place in the early afternoon of this Saturday 08 left seven dead dozens injured four of them not yet hospitalized and three missing.

According to the Brazilian Navy an investigation will be launched in order to determine the causes The Civil Police continues to investigate the case in addition the Brazilian Navy will carry out an investigation if in fact the boats and speedboats could be in that place given that the weather conditions did not favor the climate and weather for that category of tourism

Officially only JΓΊlio Borges Antunes was identified by the civil police All ten victims were on the same boat Lancha Jesus in addition they were staying at a ranch located in SΓ£o JosΓ© da Barra MG However there is already information acquired by the Police about the people who died and are still missing but for official identification to occur the Police are awaiting the results of reports and DNA tests.

Among the victims of the accident in CapitΓ³lio four people are from the same family being a couple their son and grandson the other victims are friends and relatives of this family Photographs taken along the route of the tour were used by the Police to help identify the bodies The two people who were missing were found this Sunday afternoon 9 The victims are a 14yearold man born in Alfenas MG and a 37 year old man born in MG There is no information on other people who could be missing and investigations are focused on this vessel.

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