New Generation Launch to pay the car IPVA 2022

Several states have already published the IPVA (Automotive Property Tax) payment schedule, which is charged annually to owners of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, among other vehicles.

The novelty this year is that several states have increased the discount for payment in cash to pay the tax, as was the case of SΓ£o Paulo, which increased the discount from 3% to 9%

The owner who does not pay the tax can lose the car, in addition to paying a fine, not having the right to license the vehicle (which can lead to the seizure of the car).

In addition, you can have your name registered in the active debt of the State and have your name dirty in the SPC/Serasa Expenses with IPVA and IPTU at the beginning of the year require planning.

Is there a traffic fine for those who do not pay the IPVA?
There is no traffic fine for non-payment of the tax, but without the payment of this debt, the owner of the vehicle cannot license the car.

In this case, the lack of this license can lead not only to a traffic fine, but also to the seizure of the vehicle, which will result in more expenses, since the owner of the car will have to pay for the days stopped in the Detran’s yard, the removal itself and all outstanding debts.

Daily fine of 0.33% up to the limit of 20% on the tax amount and interest equivalent to the Selic rate (which is 9.25% per year), of at least 1% per month, levied on the amount of the tax plus the fine.

If the owner still does not pay the tax, the debt will be included in the active debt of the state, according to Law No. 12,799/08.

Enrollment in the active debt prevents the taxpayer from being able to participate in public tenders, receive credits from the SΓ£o Paulo invoice and participate in government bids. It also allows the Prosecutor’s Office to protest the debt in a notary’s office, which will tarnish the debtor’s name. In addition, the debt will be charged in court, which may lead to the loss of the car itself.

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