Medeiros launches physical monitoring project on Instagram

Digital influencer and physical trainer Fernando Medeiros launched a project on his Instagram last Monday 0103 that aims to accompany five followers daily with guidance on training and eating creating new habits and changes in behavior I want to contribute with all my knowledge about the human body to those who really need and seek a healthier life reveals Fernando

The project will last throughout January where Fernando will virtually monitor the results and evolution of the followers In addition the contents promise to address how it is possible to work have an intense routine and also focus on weight loss and health

These days where our routine has already found itself in the pandemic reality I see a thought its okay in relation to not wanting to practice physical exercises or eat in an unrestricted way.

As if we have been through so many things difficult it would be ok to leave our body last on the list of priorities I understand that thought but it is dangerous There needs to be a balance and this project is focused on bringing this harmony to my followers declares the former BBB.

The followers who sent the most creative messages will be revealed next Friday 0711 with followup scheduled to start immediately This project is a way to encourage followers so that they can balance physical and mental health in a simplified way Health is the basis of everything thats what I say if health goes well nothing goes wrong So if we fit a good routine into our daily lives we will have a better quality of life throughout 2022 he concludes.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal said on Monday that the decision to release Serbian rival Novak Djokovic from detention in Australia “is the fairest”.

In an interview with Spanish radio Onda Cero, Nadal stated that β€œthe justice has spoken, and he has the right to participate in the Australian Open”.

β€œA circus has been built around many stories, but regardless of whether you agree with Djokovic, without a doubt justice has spoken, and he has the right to participate in the Australian Open and that is the fairest thing to do.” tennis player.

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