Bezerra Reveals How Long She Hasn’t Been In Relationship

Deolane Bezerra one of the countrys leading lawyers has gained a lot of notoriety in recent months after the death of her fiance MC Kevin All his achievements and visibility were intensified after the funkeiros death in May of last year Since then the blonde has gained many fans and performed several digital works the famous publis

From lawyer to celebrity This was one of Deolanes greatest achievements in her career In this way she had a party with several celebrities and special guests and also participated in Farofa da GKay a party by Gessica Kayane that gained great repercussion on social networks.

At the age of 34 Deolane gave an interview to Hora do Faro Sunday on Record TV last Sunday 9 On the show the blonde told Faro how long shes been kissing on the mouth Not yet kissed.

Its been seven months I think its something that will have to be like this very natural and not because people want to she explained Sometime a blessed one appears Its not that I dont want someone that its closed its that nobody showed up who played yet he said

The influencer also told of the pressure when she participated in Farofa in recent months At Farofa da GKay a lot of people were in the comments Wow Im just for the doctors kiss Im just waiting I who used to never be with anyone in the first contact now I think Im even more withdrawn lamented Also in an interview.

Deolane talked about aesthetics and plastic Im not a big fan of plastic surgery but of aesthetics yes I had liposuction 14 years ago when I had CaΓ­que and I had another one two years ago I only did it once on my chest I do botox and lip fillers on my face said

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