After almost 3 years Saudi princess leaves jail

Saudi Arabia released Princess Basmah bint Saud and her daughter Souhoud after nearly three years after being detained without being formally charged.

It is not yet clear the reason for his sudden release, which took place on Thursday, the 6th. The Saudi authorities have not commented on the matter.

The 57-year-old princess was arrested with one of her daughters, Souhoud al Sharif, in 2019 as they were about to travel to Switzerland for treatment of a heart condition.

The arrest was not publicly known until nine months later, when his relatives leaked the story to the press. She even posted a letter on Twitter asking for her release because her health was β€œdeteriorating”.

In announcing her release on Saturday night, the Saudi human rights group ALQST recalled that β€œat no time during her detention were any accusations made against her”.

An adviser to the princess, Henri Estramat, confirmed to Reuters news agency that “the two women were released from their arbitrary detention and arrived at their home in Jeddah on Thursday 6 January”.

According to the source, β€œthe princess is fine, but will seek medical advice.”

Some close friends attributed the arrest to his advocacy for constitutional reform and women’s rights Since the accession of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, several critics have been detained, including a dozen princes.

Several of them held important positions at the head of security agencies, such as governors or in the business world.

The princess, however, did not fit that profile. Furthermore, she was locked up in a prison on the outskirts of Riyadh known for holding criminals and jihadists, rather than the house arrest that used to be used with women of the royal family.

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