After 22 years Opposition Wins Elections in Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition was victorious in the elections for governor in the state of Barinas, birthplace of former dictator Hugo ChΓ‘vez.

This puts an end to a 22-year period in which the Bolivarian leader’s family members were at the head of the state government.

The dispute on Sunday 10th was held after the Justice, aligned with Chavismo, annulled the election held last November, when the results indicated a victory for the opposition.

According to the Associated Press news agency , voters in Barinas elected Sergio Garrido, a representative of the United Democratic Mesa (MUD), an opposition party supported by the United States.

The official result had not been confirmed by election authorities until Sunday night.

The One WD-40 Trick Everyone Should Know About In turn, the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the country’s chancellor Jorge conceded defeat.

β€œThe information we have received from our PSUV structures indicates that, even though we have increased our votes, we have not been able to achieve the objective. I sincerely thank our heroic militancy. We will continue to protect the Bari people in all areas,” he wrote on Twitter.

The dispute in Barinas was marked by the annulment of the original result in November by the Supreme Court of Justice, linked to dictator NicolΓ‘s Maduro, ChΓ‘vez’s successor.

At the time, the court also ruled that opposition candidate Freddy Superlano, who was ahead of the count, could not run in the new election because he was accused of corruption.

With the recognition of defeat by Chavismo, the opposition will take over the government of ChΓ‘vez’s home state (1954 – 2013). The PSUV had ruled Barinas since 1998.

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