Organization may stop monitoring Deforestation

Biologist and ecology professor MΓ‘rcio Werneck explains that the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest harms the phenomenon known as flying rivers As a result the climate in the region becomes drier and warmer He emphasizes the importance of trees for having a humid and rainy climate and their contribution to the existence of some animalsContinue following Fala Brasil From Monday to Friday from 830 am and on Saturdays at 735 am on Record TV

The Foreign Brazil showed that the second country where there are more species of endangered trees is Brazil and the villain of this environmental disaster is deforestation Know more The Monitoring Program for the Amazon and other biomes receives budget resources through action 20V9PO0001

However the hourly resources allocated only cover the monitoring actions of the Brazilian Legal Amazon For the other Brazilian biomes INPE has been counting on extrabudgetary resources In the case of the Cerrado biome the PRODES and DETER systems are financed with resources from the Forest Investment Program FIP in a donation contract signed between the World Bank and the MCTI

Other extrabudgetary sources that are being explored to finance PRODESDETER Cerrado activities but have not yet guaranteed the contribution that is there is a possibility that the monitoring of the Cerrado biome will be interrupted after January 2022 completes the text

Fabio Vaz ISPNs general coordinator says that the Cerrado has a fundamental role to play in combating climate change and in avoiding long periods of drought in Brazilian states

The Cerrado has an immeasurable richness due to the amount of unique species of fauna and flora for their medicinal values for housing large reservoirs that supply several Brazilian states with water and energy for its diversity of traditional populations and above all he says

It is a key piece for the mitigation of climate changes that affect the planet Interrupting PRODES is trying to mask a problem of an international order both because of the climate issue and the export flows he added

He warns that by interrupting the monitoring Brazil violates commitments assumed at the UN United Nations Climate Conference which may draw the attention of the international community The Cerrado is the biome that has lost the most area to agribusiness focused on the increasingly demanding foreign market in terms of environmental legislation To discontinue INPEs monitoring at this time would contradict the countrys commitments at the United Nations Climate Conference held in Glasgow two months ago completes FΓ‘bio

According to data from Inpe in 2020 deforestation in the Cerrado totaled 7340 kmΒ² representing a growth of 13 compared to the previous year Partial data for 2021 added to seven months from the previous period are worrying Between August 2020 and July 2021 8531 kmΒ² of forest were felled

The R7 came in contact with the space agency the Ministry of Environment and the folder of the economy to inquire about the maintenance of surveillance systems and the allocation of resources to ensure the continuity of programs Until the publication of this article the aforementioned bodies had not yet responded on the case.

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