Famicom sells for over $22,000 because of ramen

A very rare copy of The Legend of Zelda , the first game in the franchise, sold for over R $22,000 in Japan. The reason? The game’s label is also stamped with the logo of an instant noodle brand .

The transaction was discovered by Japanese author and collector Jironosuke , soon entering the radar of Tom James , head of translation of Tales of Arise into English. The auction took place via Yahoo, earning the seller a total of 453,000 yen (something close to US$3,966 or R$22,706).

You’re probably wondering what the heck makes this version of the game so special, right? The most sincere answer possible is: nothing. All within the “special” flexi is exactly identical to the common version Famicom , the label being, with the brand of ramen Charumera of Myojo Foods the only difference visible.

The “Charumera version” of Zelda was a limited-edition prize given away in a sweepstakes that took place in Japan in 1986, commemorating Myojo Foods’ 20th anniversary. According to the auction listing and a survey carried out by Gaming Alexandria, only 1500 copies were drawn, making this version of the Famicom disk quite rare.

Previously sold for prices below even US$ 313 (about R$ 1791), the copy of The Legend of Zelda with the Charumera logo only started to be sold at higher prices thanks to the relatively recent popularization of the retro game market .

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