Gabriela used Instagram To Publish

Gabriela used Instagram to explain why she took the last name of her ex-husband Thiago from social media The digital influencer ended the relationship with the physical trainer in 2014.

I Gabriela believe that we are the sum of our experiences and it is with them that we grow in life Changing names on Instagram may be silly for many people but for me it means a lot Mainly for me to always remember that everything I did was alone I have always been wrong or right she began.

This moment also follows what Im living now and how I want to go on My usual courage to enter life without fear and especially to start over as often as necessary taught me to be strong resilient To believe more and more in God every day because every time I had to start over I knew it was the best thing for me and it was he said.

The removal of the surname raised rumors that the influencer is intending to marry TΓΊlio Dek with whom she has been since May this year Gabriela was also married to Erasmo Viana former participant of A Fazenda 13 but the two separated at the end of February.

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